Setelah lama menghilang dan akhirnya balik lagi karena “KESEPIAN DAN BOSAN”

Wah.. ternyata sudah 1 minggu aku nggak ada di rumah. How’s my feelin’? Homesick. 

Kalo aja ini Samarinda. Kalo aja jarak pulang ke rumah cuma 1 jam. Kalo aja selarut ini masih bisa balik. Kalo aja dan lagi-lagi kalo aja. 

I got so much stress at this time. Stuck in the same room for 48 hours just studying for some hours. Sometimes take my phone and saw some post at instagram or just open google for a random searching again. 

Tryin’ so hard to not make a phone call to my parents. Actually, I don’t wanna talk about this but I’ve a little bit concern about my brother current situation. Are you alright bro? 

See, I know you can handle your problem. But sometimes just speak up if there’s something troubled in your head. You’re also a human. You’ve big sister here. 

Talk about other situation. Last wednesday I took AcEPT test and that’s make me down. Why is that so hard?? 😭😭😭😭  alright, stop cryin’. I’m here to challenged my self. Don’t be a cry baby dude!!! 

Back then, I really want to go far from home but I now I really wanna come back. Aaaaaa….

It’s so bored. Another time when I’m at home I can singin’ loud, wastin’ my time watching youtube, make some food, at least I’ve my mother who always talked about her day.

But here, I’m trapped with this little buddy. Yes, I loved kitty BUT I couldn’t take a good care of them. I can’t eat what I want. I should feed him and also keep him clean. Aaaaaa!!!!! 

Actually, I really wanna go out. But I don’t know where to go? And also it cost some money. Ahhhh….  I WANNA BACK.


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